First Robotics

Academic Excellence
We realize that an important measure of the Gilford School District’s success is the level of education to which our students strive after leaving our doors. If students are well prepared, they will have access to elite colleges and universities throughout North America.

To that end, the organization is prepared to assist in the advancement of the current Advanced Placement (AP) Courses and other curriculum that promotes critical thinking. Our “Mini Grant” program has enabled funding of many programs though out the last few years; opportunities for the students that would not have been funded by annual budgets. In addition, we will assist in the development of a culture that inspires students to reach for a higher level of excellence when choosing high school classes or post-secondary educational opportunities.

Champion Innovation & Technology
As technology advances, we will ensure that our students keep pace, by providing grants to fund real world experiences within the district curriculum. The First Robotics annual competitions promote learning of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering within the context of a cross functional team and very tight deadlines. This competition, which needs to be funded annually, could evolve into more of an integral part of our curriculum.

By funding special projects that involve renewable resources, such as solar, wind and fuel cell technology and recycling, we will enable exciting learning opportunities for students, while teaching them how to preserve our natural resources.

In order to make the learning process more efficient and effective, we will fund technology equipment and software that is not prioritized within the district budget. For example, we could potentially fund the implementation of a foreign language, like Spanish, in our elementary school or offer an introductory engineering class in the high school. If there are technological tools that can improve the learning process, we will strive to provide a grant to acquire such technology.

GEEF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization seeking funds to support student learning. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.